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A Life on the Run – Dipali Cunningham

Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017

7:00pm – 8:30pm

In 1987 when the running world was still waking up to the marathon, especially for women, Dipali Cunningham laced up her shoes for her first multi-day race. Pioneering such ultra distances lead to new discoveries in training, racing, nutrition, motivation and how to prepare one’s self inwardly for the journey into the beyond, an unknown distance and an uncharted adventure of endurance, speed and spirit. Dipali lead the world of ultra-marathoning to great heights, setting numerous world records that remain unbroken today.

Currently residing in New York City, Dipali is travelling to New Zealand and Australia to offer her multitude of stories and running tips in an entertaining, inspiring and informative talk. Some of the insights Dipali will be sharing include:

Some of the insights Dipali will be sharing include:

• Training and racing tips
• Nutrition and body care
• Motivation strategies for training and racing
• The role of meditation in improving performance

Dipali’s achievements in the world of running are towering and pack a mighty punch by any standards. Here is a brief resume of her impressive career spanning from 1991 to 2017:

• 36 multiday races completed
• 30 first place finishes
• 12 outright victories (finishing before all men and women in the race)
• 1st ranked woman in the world, 6-day race — 825.5km (world record)
• 3rd ranked woman in world — 700 mile race (1126km)
• 4th ranked woman in world — 1000 mile race (1609km)
• 33 Australian National records (24 hours to 1000 miles)
• 2014 American US age group record 55-59 years — 764.4km
• 300+ marathons and ultramarathons

If you are looking to improve your running, energise your training or just give yourself a shot of inspiration, we hope you can join us for this entertaining and informative evening. There will be an opportunity to ask Dipali questions and light refreshments will be served following the talk.

Dipali is a member of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team established by Sri Chinmoy in 1978 to serve the worldwide running community. For more information about Sri Chinmoy and the International Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, kindly visit Sri Chinmoy Races

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Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, 363 St Asaph Street
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