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Legend has it…

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…That the drink of tea was discovered when leaves from the camellia sinensis tree were caught upon the wind and dropped into an Emperor’s cup. Enticed by the fragrance of the tea rising up from the hot water, he took a sip, and the drink was born.

While the legend is most likely folklore, it causes one to wonder what unknown tastes are sitting just beyond our senses and attention.

Though with cultivated products taking over most of our culinary experience, the evolution of food is taking place in a new way. In an increasingly global community, doors to exotic places and new flavours are opening right in front of us, and international cuisines are melding before our eyes. Not only do these exotic flavours expand our palate, they offer a source of nourishment to which our bodies might not be otherwise exposed.

In our health food store we now have:

Dragonfruit powder (100% raw): The fruit of the pitaya cactus cultivated mostly in South American and Asian countries. Benefits of the fruit include naturally occurring Omega 3’s, protein, vitamin C and Iron.

Pomegranate Powder (100% raw): One of the oldest known fruits, native to ancient Persia and the Himalayas. These are an excellent source of phytonutirients, poyyphenols and anthocyanins and are known to protect against cellular damage.

Gac Powder: A Southeast Asian gourd containing 70 times more lycopene than tomatoes, thought to reduce the incidence of cancer.


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