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The People’s Choice – Parallel Economy

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

11:00am – 12:30pm

If you’re looking for a way forward and to connect to like-minded groups… so that together we survive the looming economic and social storm…

If being part of the solution interests you, there is great news for freedom-loving Kiwis determined to protect their sovereignty.

The strategy of the People’s Choice movement is to link already existing freedom communities around New Zealand. The will of the people is strong. It provides the means for that spirit of freedom to grow stronger. Individuals and groups all over the country are proof that the spirit of our people is more potent than “the system” we grew up in.

First it is local communities that trade amongst themselves. Then as the trade hubs grow, community to community transactions develop. And then a viable network of like-minded and connected options country-wide.

The People’s Choice comes from a place of service “for the people” centred on creating a movement that protects the sovereignty of New Zealanders therefore you must share similar values and want to contribute to the greater good of our country.

Tracy invites you to a informal conversation around what a parallel economy and a parallel society looks like for us … how will it work and how will this protect us from the uncertainty in the coming months and years. How can we be part of the exciting times ahead so we can trade, exchange and thrive together. Frozen bank accounts and empty supermarket shelves will not be our problem.

With Gratitude.
Tracy Power
Phone 0220878448

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