The Lotus-Heart



Our sincere feeling is that meditation is a universal tool to greater happiness, peace and satisfaction and that anyone can do it. The Lotus-Heart is owned and operated by the Sri Chinmoy Centre, a global organisation that offers free meditation classes to communities the world over so that people everywhere can enjoy their own journey of self discovery.

The Sri Chinmoy Centre was founded by Indian-born spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy as an opportunity for his students to meditate together, and also to awaken their true potential through music, athletics, art and many other fields of human endeavour.

There are over 300 Sri Chinmoy Centres located in 50 countries throughout the world. Members are drawn from different races and cultures, from all religions and none, forming a true global family. They share a common aspiration to live an active outer life based on an inner life of meditation, prayer and dedicated service to humanity.

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