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Are you 100% confident in the financial system?

Are You Wanting to Create Value this Christmas?

Friday, Dec 7, 2018

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Speaker: Branton Kenton-Dau, Co-Founder
Date and Time: 7.00pm to 8.30pm on Friday 7th December 2018
Venue: The Lotus-Heart, 363 St Asaph Street Christchurch

Developed in Christchurch Bitcoin Enhanced (BE) tokens are people-generated silos of value outside the risks of the financial system. But are they a safe place to grow your money in turbulent times?

During the talk you will learn:

• What happened in 2008 with the collapse of Lehman Brothers.
• Is the financial system fragile? If so why?
• How is money made?
• What Bitcoin teaches us about money.
• What is Bitcoin Enhanced?
• How does Bitcoin Enhanced avoid the risks of the financial system?
• Is Bitcoin Enhanced right for me?
• How can I participate?

Branton Kenton-Dau moved to Christchurch 22 years ago from the UK. In that time he has run a number of companies focused on how people create value in their lives. He helped improve Google’s search algorithm and is the inventor of the Phi Algorithm that powers BE forecasts. An active gardener and runner he lives in Mount Pleasant with his wife and three children.

Seating is limited so please arrive early.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this talk do not necessarily reflect the views of The Lotus-Heart or its staff and is being hosted with a view of sharing information and ideas in the community.

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