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Membership for The Lotus-Heart , a Private Contract Association

After signing the private contract onsite, kindly fill in the following fields to complete your membership so that we have your details recorded for future visits.

Private Membership
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Also homeschool parents that want to connect with others.
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The Lotus-Heart is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We would like to keep you updated with any developments or closed dates. We would also like to share any services you provide to the community and will not do this without communicating with you. You can unsubscribe at any time.
Agreement to Contract
I affirm that my wet ink autograph signed at The Lotus-Heart. I accept the Articles and affirm my contractual membership thereto. I further affirm that I do so by my own free will act and contract to be bound by the Articles of Association thereof.

Articles of Association for The Lotus-Heart, a Private Contract Association (henceforth “PCA”)

  1. Membership is available to anyone 18 years of age or older.  Children can be added to parents’ membership.
  2. Membership is secured by entering into the contract shown below, with a private donation guided by each member’s personal choices, and such donation shall be included in the donation for the first meeting that the member participates in.
  3. Membership can be canceled at any time in writing by email to mail (at)  Any member wishing to cancel simply states CANCEL MEMBERSHIP with full name included in the email.
  4. All members agree to maintain the privacy of any personal or private information, regarding personal and spiritual matters, and all agree that such detail is NOT to be disclosed to any other party without written permission of those involved and is only disclosed between the PCA and member by discretionary choice, private conscience and personal belief.
  5. No party, whether a living being or body corporate (and all agents, representatives, officers, or employees thereof), not party to the Association and Contracts shall be provided any information, data, records, or other details of the Association or the peculiar members in solemn agreement with the Covenant of Silence as part of these articles.
  6. All members are bound by a Covenant of Silence that requires to preserve and protect the sanctity and privacy of the matters, books, records, sessions and meetings of the membership, to be protected inviolate as private to the PCA and not subject to subpoena or warrant from any public office, agency, officer, or agent thereof.